Angela St Jean

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Welcome to my online portfolio!

I am an artist with a passion for colour and landscape. Born and raised in the scenic Ottawa Valley and with a background in Interior Design, I continue to live and work in the rural setting that brings endless inspiration to my daily living. My artwork is influenced by the sometimes overt and often simple suggestion of colours present in nature and the effects brought on by ever changing light and shadow. Through the use of design and composition I work toward capturing a moment, a feeling, an impression, of a place and time that has elicited an emotional response in me. Working "en plein air" is my true passion because it is then that nature's truest expression is best translated to canvas. I count among my favorite subjects to be the ones I know well - old architecture; wooded areas; the disappearing farm land; and the lakes and rivers of my Ottawa Valley home. Occasionally more intimate subjects are chosen to express an inner emotional experience.