Spring Thaw, Rankin

Spring Thaw, Rankin (10x12)

December Solstice

December Solstice (24x24)

Roadside Autumn

Roadside Autumn (16x16)

Spring Evening, Snake River

Spring Evening, Snake River (16x16)

Prideaux Haven, BC

Prideaux Haven, BC (8x8)

Cassel Falls, BC

Cassel Falls, BC (8x8)

Tenedos Bay, BC

Tenedos Bay, BC (10x12)

Florence Cove, BC

Florence Cove, BC (12x12)

Gowlland Harbour Quadra Island, BC

Gowlland Harbour Quadra Island, BC (11x14)

Discovery Coast, BC

Discovery Coast, BC (12x12)

Coastal Tree Tops

Coastal Tree Tops (8x8)

Sugar Maple

Sugar Maple (18x24)

Salt Spring Scooter

Salt Spring Scooter (8x10)

Summer Evening, Lake Dore

Summer Evening, Lake Dore (11x14)

Lake Dore Summer

Lake Dore Summer (24x24)

Summer on Sec Lake, Algonquin Park

Summer on Sec Lake (16x16)

Red Pine, Barron Canyon

Red Pine, Barron Canyon (12x12)

Agawa Sunset

Agawa Sunset (16x20)

At the Fenceline

At the Fenceline (10x12)

Evening on the Ottawa River

Evening on the Ottawa River (9x12)

Fourth Chute

Fourth Chute, Bonnechere (8x14)

Graceful Koi

Graceful Koi (16x20)

Green Door

Green Door (16x20)

Koi Pond

Koi Pond (12x12)

Little Marsh, Henan Road

Little Marsh, Henan Rd (12x12)

Looking Up

Looking Up (10x12)

Northern Camp

Northern Camp (18x20)

Northern Summer

Northern Summer (8x10)

Pink Water Lilies

Pink Water Lilies (39x48)

Pocket of Sunshine

Pocket of Sunshine (8x10)

Point Island, Petawawa

Point Island, Petawawa (24x24)

Snow Patterns

Snow Patterns (12x12)

Thomas Pink House

Thomas Pink House (16x20)